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Who is entitled to enter HSL library ?
Researchers of all categories (Teaching staff, doctors, engineers, lawyers, librarians, technicians, nurses ...etc.) including undergraduate and postgraduate students are entitled to enter the library and utilize its facilities and services.

Does the library visit require any pre-arrangements ?
​It is not required as long as the visitor is one of the above-mentioned categories, but ID card is required to be presented for logging in.

Are high school students permitted to visit the library ?
Students in Grade 11 & 12 are permitted to visit the library in groups (Max. 50 students) after coordination with the General Directorates of Education Governorates. They are then allowed to visit the library individually in order to complete their academic assignments.

Who is entitled to get the library membership ?
Membership cards are granted to researchers resident in both Dakhiliya and  Muscat Governorates.

Does the library offer Internet service ?
Yes, Internet service is provided through PCs prepared for information search purposes. Researchers are allowed as well to use their own labtops after being connected to the library WiFi.

Does the library offer access to e-resources ?
Yes, Library provides a variety of electronic sources covering all disciplines, such as e-books,e-Journals, and e-dissertations

Does the library provide photocopying & printing services ?
Yes, Photocopying & printing facilities are provided at very nominal cost. They are a self-managed services controlled electronically by the user. Scanning service as well is provided free of charge.

Is it necessary for the user to attend in-person in order to take advantage of the library services ?
No need to attend in person. Calls can be made to: 25413731 or e-mails to: hsl@rca.gov.om. Contacts may also be made through the library homepage www.hsl.om and via its social networking: 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hslib
 Twitter:    www.twitter.com/hsl_om
 Google+:  www.gplus.to/hslib


Does the library offer training sessions on how to conduct information search using different sources ?
Yes, the library organises sessions on guiding users to the best ways to conduct information search.
To book for group sessions, please contact Readers Services Section on: 25413731 or hsl@rca.gov.om.